Armina Rosi

Armina Rossi captured the attention of the media and so she was invited to a variety of TV shows hosted by local television as “Tip-Top”, “Ba da, Ba nu”, “Arlechino”, balancing her TV appearances with live concerts around Europe and Asia having many performances in Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Morocco and Turkey.

After leaving Allegretto, Armina Rosi started taking canto lessons with Oana Parvu and joined “Adagio” Group.

She was one of the five finalists of “Ploaia de Stele”, a TV show broadcasted for several seasons by the local Romanian television, TVR 1.

At 18 years old she began taking canto lessons with Viorela Filip, a successful Romanian canto teacher and she graduated from Canto Arts College with maximum score.

Constantly encouraged by her teacher, she attended national music festivals where she received excellent reviews on her performance.

In the past, she collaborated with young talented composers as Liviu Elekes and was invited to several TV shows as “Atentie se canta”, “Televiziunea, dragostea mea”.

In 2009, Armina started singing in Coyote Chicks band in Coyote Café Pub and Jukebox Pub. Coyote Chicks was formed in 2006 as a Dan Mason project to promote “Female Rock’n Roll”. The band sang together with well-know cover bands as Jukebox, Marfar and Popa’s Band.

In 2010, the girl band started a close collaboration with Blue Motors Band under the name of Blue Motors and Attitude.

In June, 2011 she made her début on the pop-house scene featuring DJ Layla & Radu Sirbu, on the single “Party Boy” wich was released in Romania and Eastern European Countries.

At the moment, Armina Rosi is working on a new pop project alongside song-writer Mario Cruxfader, under the label Sweet Soundz Production.

Recent videos:


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