The Answer

Flash: )).

Acum câteva zile, Sorin Burcaş, stimabilul cântăcios, a compus o piesă:). . . Ieri, după 8 ore de muncă, am definitivat  linia melodică şi am schiţat textul (este o generalizare după versurile din post-ul Human).

Urmează în cel mai scurt timp şi piesa, care este încă într-o formă experimentală.

PS-Pentru cei care obişnuiesc să mă întrebe:  textul este inspirat din „ficţiunea” de zi cu zi şi NU face referire la o persoană anume.

The Answer

I pressed play, you pressed stop

The story’s gone, we let it drop…

You played my heart, you played yours to

The answer was in front of you.

I pressed play, you pressed stop

Lay down you guard, no need to mound !

Wrong turn again, just let it be,

Your secret’s safe and sound with me.


Game over now, erase that smile,

Put on your mask, it’s so your style.

No strings attached, this was you claim…

I hate the day I heard your name.

And thou my heart is aching now

The sun will shine again somehow

Your words won’t hurt me anymore

It seems I’m better off alone.

You played your cards just like a pro

You said: „Hey, babe, go with the flow!”

Your words came back to hunt me down.

Don’t need to hear another sound !

And just to show you I moved on

It’s clear enough this thing was wrong

Can’t give feelings just for free

It’ll never be a „you and me”.


I pressed play, you pressed stop and we did not rewind.

Humans danced life into the world…

Like puppets dance world into our life

But now the strings have been detached.

The puppet’s face is just a patch.

I pressed play, you pressed stop.

The rewind button had to drop.

The answer was in front of you

But you didn’t see it… did you ?

Lay down your guard, you’re safe and sound

I cut the cord, no need to mound

I pressed play, you pressed stop and we did not rewind.